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I’m taking a “break” from my “three positive posts in a row” “effort” to ask help for something very important to me. (It’s not a negative post, maybe it counts, but that doesn’t really matter.)

My dear friend Gileonnen has a cat in ill health. He ate a sewing thread which has really messed up his digestion, so much so that he needs surgery to get his intestines fixed up.  This surgery, and other veterinary fees, are costing one-sixth of Gil’s annual income.  So Gil’s running a drive: Commissions for Art and Fiction.  Even though I doubt anyone reading this blog doesn’t know Gil, just because of the places that I link to this blog, I’m using this platform to campaign for help for little Kolya anyway.

This is a young cat.  It’s not one of those “My cat is twenty three and has no bones, but behind that look of agony in his eyes you can tell he loves being alive and eating twenty liver pills a day!” cases. This isn’t Angela from The Office’s Sprinkles.  This is a cat Gil has had for only a matter of months, and was young of some sort at the time. Obviously, though, he’s as dumb as any other cat – eating a sewing thread is not a wise course of action, kitties.  Please start to learn these things!

Since my own 19-year-old childhood cat (Steinbeck) was put down just last weekend, this is very (semi-irrationally) important to me.  I would attempt to join in the fundraising drive personally, but unlike Gil, I have no (proven) marketable skills.  So all I can do is urge everyone I can to commission a piece at Gil’s Tumblr.  As soon as I get my next paycheck (I would now but poor planning has left me low-on-bling) I’m putting my money where my keyboard is.

Remember: Commission Really Freaking Good Art or Fiction! Do it now! For a kitty!


MAJOR EDIT: There is now a writerly Charity Auction going down!  Bid on stuff or offer stuff up for bidding! DO IT! (If you can.)

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